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Cellulose acetate butyrate dope is a paint that was developed many years ago for use on full-scale airplanes.  It is a lightweight, fast drying, lacquer-related formulation.  Ever since its first introduction, butyrate dope has been a favorite with model airplane builders due to its many unique properties.
Butyrate dope is excellent for finishing any type of wooden model airplane, especially when used in conjunction with an uncoated cloth or paper covering like SIG Koverall, Silk, Silkspan, or Plyspan Tissue.  It has the ability to shrink these coverings drum tight and provide a fuel proof finish.  Butyrate dope is very flexible, making it the very best paint to use on a model that has open areas in its structure where the covering is unsupported.  It will not crack or split from vibration or flexing.
SIG Supercoat Dope is available in brilliant high-gloss colors and clear.  The Supercoat clear dope is a high-shrink formulation, intended for initial wood surface preparation and for the coating of covering materials that must be sealed and shrunk prior to applying color dope.  The Supercoat color dopes are mixed in a special low-shrink base to help minimize warping.   All SIG Supercoat dopes can be brushed or sprayed on with good results

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