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Dubro Spinner Prop Nut 5/16"-24 (DUB731)


Dubro Spinner Prop Nut 5/16"-24 (DUB731)

$ 9.69

This is Du-Bro's 5/16"-24 Aluminum Spinner Prop Nut.

Plain silver aluminum spinner.
Meets AMA safety specs.
CNC machined from 6061 T6 aluminum.
Works with standard electric starting cones.
This will fit the following engine models:
ASP- .61 all models, .75 ABC, .91 ABC, .65 4S, .80 4S
FOX- .60-.74 Eagle
HP- 1.20
Magnum- GP.65SE, Pro.61SE
Merco- .50, .61
O.S.- .60FP ABC, .61SF all versions, .61RF ABC & RF-P, .61 RX-H &
SX-H, .61VR-M ABC, .65VR-M ABC, .65VR-DF ABC, .91VR-DF,
.81VR-M, .91SR, FF-240, FS-70 Surpass, FS-91 Surpass, FS-120
Surpass, FS-120 Surpass II, FS-120 Surpass SP, FS-61, FS-90,
FS-120, FT-120 II, FT-160
Quadra- Q-35 2.0
Supertigre- S-90K, S-61K, X-61K ABC RE
Thunder Tiger- GP-61, Pro-61, Pro-120, F-91s

(1) Aluminum Prop Nut

Approx. Weight: 1oz
Shaft Size: 5/16"-24

Tighten nut with a screwdriver, ball driver or steel rod.

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