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Sullivan Control Horns Left/Right 1-1/8" (SUL557)


Sullivan Control Horns Left/Right 1-1/8" (SUL557)

$ 8.29

This is a pair of heat treated steel control horns for heavy-duty
applications, like split elevators or pull-pull systems.

This Package Includes:
(2) 1-1/8" control horns - These have a "L" shaped cross-section and have
4 holes for mounting the clevis at the top of the horn.
(4) control horn mounting screws - These are 2-56 x 3/4" screws. They use
a flat head screwdriver to tighten/loosen.
(4) Plastic washers
(2) Control horn mounting plates - These are made of nylon.
(2) Nylon Clevis points - This piece mounts to the control horn. They have
a hole in the top where the clevis pin goes through. They secure to
the control horn by using a small piece of 1/32" music wire (or a paper
clip, neither are included)
(2) Nylon washers - These secure the clevis point to the control horn
A small piece of 1/32" music wire or a paper clip - used to secure the clevis
points to the control horn.

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